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I fully understand how it is helpful to hear from others what their experience of receiving support is like.  Please understand that I respect client confidentiality and share only details and feedback that clients are comfortable for me to share.  I am looking into software that allows for impartial live feedback on my site, but at present, I do not have this function available.

























G. young woman now aged 21.

(Sessions: 2015 / Feedback: February 2018).

Session delivered in person.





"The exam stress session has helped me to be able to revise with a clearer mind, and when I think about my exams I am much calmer.  I really enjoyed the session."


E. young woman aged 17. (Session: January 2017 / Feedback: February 2017).

Session delivered in person.






"I was very nervous at first but she made me comfortable to speak about my problems and she taught me a few tricks to help me get through hard times and now I hardly ever have to worry about things."


L. young man aged 11. (Session: January 2017 / Feedback: February 2017).

Sessions delivered via Skype.

































"Dawn has helped my family and I can't thank her enough.


She used EFT to build my teenage sons resilience at a time when he was being bullied and at an all time low. By learning to use tapping he was able to get to a place where he would allow me to approach his school and get the bullying stopped.


He was initially very reluctant to talk to Dawn but her way of talking to him on his level meant that he soon felt at ease and was able to work with her over a few sessions.


I am pleased to say that he is now much more confident and no longer blames himself for the way others have treated him in the past. I would highly recommend Dawn as a practitioner to friends and family." 


Mum of 11 year old (Cambridge, Dec 2016).

Sessions delivered through Skype.










Mum of young man aged 8years

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