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I help you to cope with your stress and feel happier

by teaching you skills that work for YOU

Work with me

are you currently getting on in life?


People and situations that make you feel anxious?  Unhappy or overwhelmed?  Generally feeling unmotivated or miserable without knowing why?



It's hard work pretending things don't bother you without having the skills to cope and a perspective that works and brings you consistent feelings of calm, enabling you to feel happy and enjoy life.


Let me help.

1:1 Coaching


We'll work together to transform the way you cope with stress to help you get you where you want to be in your life.

Calm Ahead

My flagship program, an intense online group coaching programme that teaches you skills to create a perspective that works to bring you consistent feelings of calm and enables you to feel happy and enjoy life. Only open 3 times a year, once you're in, you're in for life.

I share recognised approaches and evidenced techniques that I have used to feel calmer and happier and able to cope with stressful people and situations. 


I will assist you to refine your emotional toolbox.

Together, we: 

  • Find what tools and/or resources you already own 

  • Explore which areas of your life you'd like to improve

  • Identify which tools and/or resources you need to get there 

  • Discover ways in which we can self-compassionately add these resources to your toolbox

  • Support you in using your tools, so you experience the change you want 

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