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Knowing you can control your emotional states increases your personal confidence and enhances your ability to make the best choices for yourself.


Making your best choices, and taking decisive action needed to achieve, enables you to lead the life you desire.



Wellbeing does matter, without it the quality of your life is affected. 


With its inevitable ups and downs life's often called a ride. The ability to effectively cope with change and navigate personal challenges are key life skills. However, if you haven't got them life can quickly become a struggle.


Stress affect lives of young people and adults alike.


Anxiety/low moods/low confidence/indecision/depression/avoidance/panic attacks/phobias and self harm are signs of overwhelm and indicate you might benefit from developing your wellbeing toolkit with practical tools and strategies you can use to bring yourself back into balance.



















There are techniques that can help you improve and manage your wellbeing, strategies you can employ to assist you.  It is my intention to share this knowledge with workshop participants.



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